Focuses on the cause of pain by testing, correcting and maintaining muscles contractile efficiency. Flexibility is a derivative of strength. Muscle tightness is secondary to weakness.

Mobility and Flexibility

Muscles move bones. The further they move, the more flexibility and mobility you have. But, muscles can be weak in their shortened position, which reduces their ability to move into their end range of motion. MAT can restore strength at a muscle's end range.

Muscle Soreness and Joint Pain

Muscles stabilize joints. If one or muscles are weak, then their ability to contribute to stabilizing the joint is reduced. Other muscle(s) around that joint will tighten up to prevent the joint from going into a vulnerable position. MAT can alleviate this compensation by restoring functionality to weak muscles.

Strength and Performance

High level performance in any sport requires utilizing your muscles to their fullest potential; often, for several hours at a time. When some of those muscles cannot sustain that for long enough a duration, skills can break down. MAT can help restore the long-term endurance of muscular contractions.

Injury Recovery and Prevention

The body is capable of protecting injured areas by inhibiting certain muscles and compensating with others. After injuries heal, those compensations sometimes remain because inhibited muscles fail to come back. MAT can reactivate those inhibited muscles.

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